Global Earth - A new era of representation of reality in the simulator.
This addon will make the world of x-plane awesome and exciting. It will open a new view of the simulator.
Until this time, the X-Plane has not seen such products.
The product has three main parts: 
     - The first part - a lot of variable non-tile textures of the earth's terrain.
     - The second part is an improved autogen, it makes no sense to talk about it, you just need to see the screenshots.
     - And the third main part of the product is realistic forests and trees with true density and real color tones.
But the Resentium development team didn't stop there and made a very convenient and user-friendly software for installation product.

The most important features:

- New terrain textures around the world
- Highly detailed custom terrain textures whole the world
- High resolution of all terrain textures whole the world
- Highly detailed mountains area
- Removed sharp transitions between different terrain textures around the world
- Work well with any mesh for x-plane 11
- Improved autogen textures in all regions
- Improved facades textures in all regions
- New night lightning from autogen
- Autogen has realistic color shades
- Partial application of PBR technology to autogen
- Well visible from height the color of houses roofs
- Great coastlines textures
- Work well with Ortho4XP
- Realistic dense forests
- Gorgeous trees color


Answer a predictable question from users:

Why didn't you announce the product earlier? The product is very large and the release is sudden. I want to know the truth.

- If you are confused by the fact that we did not give any news about the product in advance,
this is due to the fact that we have been developing a product for a long time and have recently learned that similar products are being developed from another developer.
From a commercial point of view, it was incorrectly to announce in such conditions. So yes, this is a surprise.



- Europe Library
- Europe Library HD
- Season change programs



Demonstration videos of version 1.0.3

Actual 1.10 SP1

Watch only on ground textures

Version 1.10 SP1

At this moment key features of update:

- 100% completed Gorgeous buildings

- New photoreal vegetation

- Reduced Tiling 

Sell $45
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